Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Michael Hance revealed shot his girlfriend before killing seven people in Ohio house-to-house shooting massacre - 8th Aug 2011

An Ohio man apparently angry with his girlfriend shot her and gunned down several others during a house-to-house killing spree Sunday.

After an argument in a Copley home, the gunman shot his girlfriend before going next-door to kill her brother and four others.

The shooter, identified as Michael Hance, 51, then chased two people escaping from the home and fired at them, killing an 11-year-old boy.

When Hance saw more people running into a nearby home to elude him, he followed them in and kept shooting.

Outside that home, he shot at a police officer and another man who had rushed over to help.

As the officer and the man - a former police officer - shot back, Hance was fatally wounded.

Eight people, including Hance, were pronounced dead at four separate crime scenes, police told Fox 8.

His girlfriend, Becky Dieter, has been hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. Read More