Thursday, August 4, 2011

Matt Mina, 17, buried alive for 30 Minutes on California beach after tunnel he built in sand caved in - 4th Aug 2011

A teenage boy survived being buried alive on a California beach for half an hour after a tunnel he built in the sand caved in.

In a desperate scramble, dozens of holidaymakers pitched in to try to dig out 17-year-old Matt Mina, who was stuck seven foot deep, but sand kept pouring back into the huge hole.

Eventually firefighters managed to drag him out and although he was unconscious at first he has since made a remarkable recovery.

Mina is said to be in a good condition at hospital after the horrific accident on Newport Beach at about 3.40pm yesterday.

Authorities said the boy had dug between five to seven feet below the surface of the beach when the surrounding sand caved in on him.

He remained buried for almost 30 minutes while paramedics dug him out. Read More