Sunday, August 14, 2011

Laughing at UK Justice: Masked looters brazenly pose with their haul of top gadgets - 14th Aug 2011

Proudly posing with their stolen spoils, this bunch of thieves embody the greedy nature of looters who snatched whatever they could while ransacking England's streets.

Peeking from behind their obligatory hoods and scarves tied around their faces, their eyes defiantly stare at the camera with their hordes of looted goods.

One clutches a large flat-screen LCD television, with a row of new mobile phones neatly lied up on top of the box, while a pile of shoe boxes and video games litter the shabby room.

Laptops perched on their knees, another member of the group grips a baseball bat while a friend has a large heavy chain draped around his neck.

Police are using computerised facial imaging technology to identify and arrest rioters and looters who wreaked havoc across Britain’s major cities.

Specialist officers at Scotland Yard match images from CCTV and even high-powered cameras on helicopters with pictures stored in the computerised files of people who had been arrested or charged.

It is thought to be the first time the technology has been used in such volume. Read More