Friday, August 26, 2011

Large forest fires rage in Greece - 26th Aug 2011

Strong winds spread large fires through thousands of hectares (acres) of forest in Greece Friday, despite a large firefighting operation with water-dropping aircraft from other European countries.

Authorities said no injuries or major damage to property were reported from about a dozen major blazes reaching from the northeastern border region of Evros to the southern island of Crete.

A man was convicted of arson through negligence regarding the Evros fire.

Two villages in western and southern Greece were evacuated as a precaution, while flames swept through the ruins of ancient Kalydon in the west, charring trees and blackening some stone walls. The culture ministry said the antiquities suffered no structural damage and would soon be cleaned.

Greece suffers from wildfires every summer, and 76 people died in a spate of blazes in 2007. Read More