Friday, August 19, 2011

Lake Somerville losing a half foot of water a week, Texas - 19th Aug 2011

The water level in Lake Somerville is breaking a record every day because of the ongoing Texas drought. Levels are currently eight-feet below where they should be, hitting 229.87 feet Thursday morning. Water is drying up so quickly, the lake is losing a half a foot each week.

These are the worst conditions Park Ranger Emmitt Attaway has ever seen in his more than three decades working at the lake.

"We're starting to see things that we haven't ever seen before. There are stumps that we didn't know that went back during construction, there's different land mass coming up," said Ranger Attaway.

Campers like Annie Sodolak and her family are also noticing the difference this year.

"Way back when we used to come over here we'd get on the boat and fish and always had plenty of water."

Sodolak and her family have added a depth device to their boat to make sure they always know how much water is below them. It is advice Ranger Attaway stresses to any boater who comes to Lake Somerville. Seven boat ramps have closed because the ramps have dried up.

"It's devastating. Everywhere you look nothing but dry grass, there's trees looking like they're going to die and dead fish," said Sodolak. Read More