Sunday, August 14, 2011

Juvenile Offenders 'Could Lose Anonymity' - 14th Aug 2011

Juveniles found guilty of criminal activity may lose their anonymity, Home Secretary Theresa May has warned.

She told Sky News that guidance should be given to prosecutors as a way of stamping out gang culture.

"When I was in Manchester last week, the issue was raised to me about the anonymity of juveniles who are found guilty of crimes of this sort.

"What I've asked is that CPS guidance should go to prosecutors to say that where possible, they should be asking for the anonymity of juveniles who are found guilty of criminal activity to be lifted."

Prime Minister David Cameron has asked Ms May to produce a report into gang culture to be brought before Parliament in October this year.

She says she will work closely with Iain Duncan Smith MP who has worked extensively with the Centre for Social Justice.

The Home Secretary backed up actions by some councils who have threatened to evict the families of those found guilty of being involved in rioting.

Wandsworth Council became the first to serve an eviction notice after an 18-year-old man appeared in courts following rioting near Clapham Junction, south London.

Ms May said the dramatic action was justified as a punishment for parents not knowing what their children were doing. Read More