Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Judit Nadal, a leading scientist has died after G-Wiz car imploded as she drove to child's school for parents' evening - 31st Aug 2011

The husband of an Imperial College academic told his wife to 'get off her phone' moments before she was killed in a crash.

Judit Nagy, 47, died when her tiny electric car, a G-Wiz, collided with a Skoda Octavia as she made her way to the parents' evening of one of her four children.

Dr Miguel Nadal said that his wife was rushing to her 11-year-old son's school on October 18 last year because she was late.

He also told North London Coroner's Court that she was not wearing a seat belt because she thought it would crumple her coat.

Dr Nadal told the court: 'My wife said with a panic something like "I think I have made a mistake". I think she had moved out at that stage and seen the vehicle bearing down at her...

'I said "Well get off your phone then and concentrate".'

Dr Nadal, from Golders Green, North London, took his iPhone from his ear as the line went dead.

Seconds later he heard the sound of the crash because the collision had happened so close to the home the couple shared with their four children.

The court heard Dr Nagy was trying to turn right in her car, which is classed as a quadricycle, making it exempt from normal vehicle testing, when Marcel Jorja in his Skoda Octavia drove into the side of her.

It is believed that both had moved on a green light but he had right of way. Read More