Tuesday, August 30, 2011

John Wallace Names as the Hiker found dead in Yellowstone after yet ANOTHER bear mauling - 29th Aug 2011

A man found dead in Yellowstone Park last week was mauled by a grizzly, a month after officials refused to hunt a bear in another fatal attack.

The victim was identified as John Wallace, 59, of Chassell, Michigan, whose body was found by two hikers on the Mary Mountain Trail.

An autopsy confirmed Monday that Mr Wallace died as a result of traumatic injuries stemming from a bear attack.

Investigators found grizzly bear tracks near the body, but were not sure at first whether the grizzly killed the man or disturbed his body after he died.

Authorities say Mr Wallace was killed either Wednesday or Thursday.

It was the second deadly bear attack at Yellowstone this summer.

A park statement said the investigation of the latest incident was continuing, but it did not say whether the grizzly involved has been identified or whether park rangers would capture or destroy it if found.

Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash said Wallace was staying in the park, but not camping off the Mary Mountain Trail.

Mr Nash added that he was not carrying bear pepper spray, which is advised for hikers in the area. Read More