Friday, August 19, 2011

Jessica Beagley a police officer's wife squirting Tabasco sauce into mouth of adopted seven-year-old son as punishment - 18th Aug 2011

A video of the wife of a police officer squirting tabasco sauce into the mouth of her adopted son has been shown to jurors.

Jessica Beagley stands accused of child abuse after she was filmed by the Dr Phil show using the method to punish the seven-year-old for misbehaving at school and then lying about it.

They also heard audio of the boy screaming as he was forced to stand in a freezing cold shower.

Prosecutors say Beagley, of Anchorage, Alaska, went beyond 'what would be considered reasonable parental discipline'.

But her defence lawyer William Ingaldson said she resorted to unconventional disciplinary methods because more traditional forms of punishment had not worked with the boy. Read More