Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jason Owen the Lodger who allowed Baby P to die could be released from jail this week - 3rd Aug 2011

One of the trio jailed over tragic north London child Baby P's death could walk free from prison this week.

Jason Owen, 39, is serving a six-year sentence for causing or allowing the death of 17-month-old Peter Connelly exactly four years ago.

He is expected to be eligible for release at the end of this week, halfway through his jail term, taking into account the 289 days he spent in custody on remand before he was sentenced.

The Sun reported that the former lodger who was living with the child's mother Tracey Connelly and her boyfriends Steven Barker will be freed on Friday.

The newspaper also reported that Owen could receive state-funded plastic surgery in an attempt to conceal his identity and protect him from attacks from outraged members of the public.

Owen, from Bromley, Kent, was a lodger at the home of his brother Steven Barker in Tottenham, where Peter died on August 3, 2007.

In May 2009, an Old Bailey judge gave Owen an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection with a minimum term of three years for his part in the boy's death. Read More