Friday, August 26, 2011

Is poisoner behind death of 20 cats in one village? Owners fear killer is stalking the area with anti-freeze - 26th Aug 2011

It is a village where normally little happens out of the ordinary.

But the death or disappearance of 20 cats in the last month has changed the tranquil nature of Low Westwood, County Durham.

Now residents fear that a sinister cat killer is stalking their streets, using anti-freeze to poison their pets.

Jo Cody, 22, lost her six- month-old kitten Eliza and replacement tabby cat Bella in quick succession.

She said: ‘So many cats have gone missing or died. Everyone feels that this is being done deliberately.

‘Many of these cats are pets of young children who are devastated to lose them.’

'We haven't lived in the village for that long but we have already lost two cats.'

Jo, a marketing assistant, said that blood tests on the dead cats has shown that anti-freeze was in their system.

Cats are attracted to the sweet taste of anti-freeze and residents fear it is being sprayed on their grass. So far, ten cats have died and a further ten are missing. Read More