Friday, August 5, 2011

Horatio Chapple, 17, Named as the British Teenager Killed by a Hungry Polar Bear in Norway - 5th Aug 2011

A polar bear clawed through a tent and mauled to death a British teenager and left four others seriously injured in a horrific attack in Norway today.

The starving animal killed Horatio Chapple, 17, as he slept among a group of 13 young explorers on the Norwegian island of Svalbard on a dream wildlife trip.

Fours others suffered serious injuries while grappling with the creature. They were trip leaders Michael Reid and Andrew Ruck, both in their late 20s, as well as two teenagers- Patrick Flinders, 16, and Scott Smith.

The injured youngsters were part of a group of around 80 wildlife enthusiasts aged between 16 and 25 from the British Schools Exploring Society. Read More