Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hope and horror at world's largest refugee camp, Somalia - 9th Aug 2011

Humphry Musyoka, a doctor at the world's largest refugee camp, knows well how quickly dehydration can ravage the body of a child.

A young girl who seems OK one minute can turn on a dime. But Musyoka, who works at the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya, says he has no time to think about loss.

"More are still coming, so we have to do something about that," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "It's very challenging mentally, I'd say, because you lose life. But what do you do about the next one?"

"How are you going to respond?" he asks.

Such are the questions aid agencies are struggling to answer as fighting and famine push hundreds of thousands of Somalis to Dadaab, located near the border.

The United Nations has declared famine in five areas in southern Somalia, including the capital of Mogadishu. Read More