Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Honduras: A drug trafficker's paradise

"If you want to see the inner workings of the drug trafficking business, Honduras is the country," says Victor (not his real name). He was a major drug trafficker before he became a born-again Christian, after being shot in the skull and surviving.

Now he wants to purge all his sins, including several murders, to avoid being sent to hell in the afte life, he says.

Victor was in charge of overseeing cocaine shipments and "narco planes" to Honduras.

The illegal drugs from Colombia and Venezuela travel to the heart of Central America, where they are handed over to Mexican drug lords in Guatemala or Mexico.

He would then personally deliver the money to the cartel boss. He was making $200,000 a month, but others were making a lot more: approximately five shipments a month, carrying 4,500 kilos, bought at $2,000 each, but re-sold at $7,000, adds to more than $100m per month.

"I had a godfather. Everything was easy, I just needed to call him up if the police stopped me at a check point and asked about the bags of money that I often transported in my car," he says.

Victor says the government and armed forces have been infiltrated by the cartels. (more)