Friday, August 26, 2011

Great White Shark Illegally Caught and Killed in Huntington Beach - WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO- 25th Aug 2011

A group of fishermen may face charges for illegally catching and killing a "prohibited" young great white shark over the weekend on the Huntington Beach pier.

Fortunately for officials, the video of the illegal incident was posted to YouTube on Aug. 23 (which can be viewed after the jump). In it a man holding the camera identifies the two-and-a-half foot shark dangling from the end of three separate hooks as a mako. He and his fellow Nike-wearing fishermen revel over their catch and try to organize their efforts to try to pull it onto the pier.

It wasn't a mako shark. It was a young great white shark and while the group of fishermen can say they didn't know otherwise, that defense shouldn't hold up if they face misdemeanor charges. Read More