Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grammar Man strikes again! The mystery superhero who corrects MISSPELLED GRAFFITI - 6th Aug 2011

Armed with a white marker pen and a determination to preserve the English language, a new caped crusader has emerged in the fight against society's ills.

The mystery superhero, dubbed Grammar Man, has been taking on the graffiti yobs - by correcting their spelling and punctuation.

Next to his scribblings, he signs off with the words 'Pow! Grammar Man Strikes Again!' and sketches a superhero with an exclamation mark emblazoned on his chest, a cape flying in the wind and a mask.

He has been leaving his trademark logo around the Medway towns of Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham in Kent.

The latest sighting of his work was found on the graffiti-covered floor of the bandstand in Victoria Gardens, Chatham. Read More