Saturday, August 20, 2011

Giant Nixa sinkhole that swallowed house getting new attention, Missouri - 19th Aug 2011

A Nixa sinkhole that swallowed part of a house five years ago is causing concern for one neighbor, but the city says it shouldn't be.

In 2006, a giant sinkhole opened up in Nixa, swallowing part of a house. Now five years later, the sink hole and the problems surrounding it are getting new attention.

The city of Nixa filled up the sinkhole back in August of 2006, and they say the movement happening now is to be expected. But one woman who lives directly across the street isn't so sure.

Carol Adkins remembers the collapse that swallowed her neighbor's garage and everything in it.
"Saw it go in the hole- called 911," Adkins says.

The sinkhole turned out to be 60 feet across and at least 75 feet deep. The huge hole was eventually filled up with boulders, debris and all. "After the evaluations from our geotechnical engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, and a lot of other specialists that participated, Department of Natural Resources, we were allowed to install large limestone boulders," says Nixa City Administrator Brian Bingle.

Things seemed pretty stable to Carol until this Spring. "Never thought it would do that," says Adkins.

In early May, the ground started sinking once again. "Toward the end of the week, they had it filled up, and then before the next week was done, I believe, it had already opened up again," says Adkins. Read More