Friday, August 19, 2011

Fish kill raising a stink on Pearl River, Louisiana - 19th Aug 2011

Things are looking better on the Pearl River, but the smell is just rotten. St. Tammany fishermen are helping clean up the fish kill there.

A paper mill in Bogalusa admitted a spill there on Saturday caused thousands of dead fish to float down river.

One councilman says the cleanup my not solve the problem.

"As you can see, this is an environmental mess," said St. Tammany Councilman Gene Bellisario.

The stench of the fish stew brewing in West Pearl River is anything but appetizing. Even the most experienced fishermen are holding their noses.

"Pretty bad," said one fisherman. "I had to put a mask on soon as I got out here."

If the smell doesn't get you, the sight of bloated, floating fish might.

"Can't bring tourists from other states and countries through Porter River while this is still here," said Bellisario. "Come back with a bad taste in their mouth and tell people negative things."

The Pearl and Porter Rivers are where people like Keith Demoran make their living.

"We hunt and fish this river about 20 years now," said Demoran.

But right now, he and hundreds more are being paid to help clean up instead of cast. Read More