Sunday, August 28, 2011

England Riots 2011: Rioters Show no Remorse for Their Actions, Society Break Down or Lame Excuse?

It is becoming abundantly clear that the rioters that took hold of the streets of Birmingham, London and Manchester two weeks ago show little remorse for their criminal behaviour.

The actions of the rioters across England have destroyed people's livelihoods, their homes and the confidence of the communities that could no doubt see businesses leave the areas affected. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the longer term effects of the riots will be falling house prices in the areas that were the focus of media attention as well as some areas becoming abandoned. Can anyone really blame shop keepers for not wanting to open new businesses in any of the areas affected across London and England?

It is clear that the rioters have shown no care for what they have done to the communities they live in. On Thursday, the BBC's Newsnight programme spoke to some of the rioters that were involved in the disturbances in Salford and Manchester and their responses were clear. They take no responsibility for their actions and they took whatever they could get. more