Tuesday, August 23, 2011

El Hierros Swarm continues as 3277 earthquakes are recorded in August so far compared to 1329 for July 2011 - 11th Aug 2011

The Swarm of earthquakes which started during July of 2011 have continued into August with 3277 earthquakes being recorded since August 1st 2011 until 23rd August 2011, this is a significant rise of earthquakes and has Experts keeping a close eye on the island.

The news may have lost interest when the swarm started in early July with over 1300 earthquakes being recorded for the month which was a huge increase in activity compared to the average 300 micro-quakes the area experiences a month.

But burying these facts wont make it go away, as figures and records show it is getting much worse with already 3277 Earthquakes being recorded in just the past 23 days. These are the figures that should cover the whole YEAR not 23 DAYS.

2010 the area registered 3661 earthquakes for the year.
2009 the area registered 4536 earthquakes for the year.
2008 the area registered 5158 earthquakes for the year.
2007 the area registered 5384 earthquakes for the year.
2006 the area registered 3689 earthquakes for the year.
2005 the area registered 4229 earthquakes for the year.

For 2011 the total stands at 6614, of which 4617 have happened in just the past 7 weeks.

2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull saw thousands of Micro-quakes prior to the Eruption of this volcano.

(A microearthquake (or microquake) is a very low intensity earthquake which is usually three or less on the Richter scale. Microquakes occur often near volcanoes as they approach an eruption, and frequently in certain regions exploited for geothermal energy)

El Hierro Volcano: Is one of the Smallest of the Canary Islands, the origins of the Island date back some 100 million years when the Ocean floor shifted with the movement of the Earth's mantle. The crust cracked into a three pointed star releasing flows of Magma.

After 3 Eruptions, the island emerged from the ocean as an imposing volcano more than 2,000 Meters high.

It has now been over 200 years since the last Eruption but El Hierro although being the smallest Island has the Largest number of Volcanoes with over 500 open Sky Cones and another 300 covered by the most recent outflows.

There has been uncertainty surrounding reports of a historical eruption taking place in 1793.