Sunday, August 14, 2011

East Coast is lining up for ANOTHER heatwave at the end of the month as devastating Texas drought shows no signs of letting up - 14th Aug 2011

The East Coast is shaping up to experience another heat wave late this month as states including Texas continue to suffer a devastating drought, analysts warned today.

Experts at Earth Risk technologies say they have developed software that can predict extreme weather events up to four weeks in advance - and say the east of the country is in for a sweltering end to the month.

However established meterologists have poured scorn on their predictions, saying such long range weather forecasting is not possible.

Steve Bennet, chief science officer of EarthRisk which works with the University of California San Diego in developing the software, said: 'We are seeing HeatRisk signals in the late August time frame for the Eastern U.S.' Read More