Monday, August 1, 2011

Don’t raise the debt ceiling, says Gary Johnson: Pain today beats economic collapse tomorrow

Gary Johnson is an unusual politician. Contrarian but constructive, Johnson hopes to move the Republican Party in the direction of being a socially “tolerant” party that emphasizes limited government above all else.

In a lengthy interview with The Daily Caller, Johnson, a popular New Mexico governor from 1995 to 2003, described a range of policy positions that he brings to the Republican presidential primary.

New Hampshire, the early primary state with a large pool of independent and libertarian votes, is where Johnson hopes to break through. He cites the Granite State as the place where candidates can make it onto the national stage overnight.

Johnson’s unique political stances have attracted interest from national figures ranging from gay rights advocate Lt. Dan Choi — with whom he was scheduled to speak on Friday — and pot-smoking country music legend Willie Nelson.

An advocate of fiscal conservatism, Johnson said that he opposes raising the debt ceiling. Many Americans would be hurt immediately by the decision, he said, but it’s far preferable to a future economic calamity caused by the over-printing of money. (more)