Monday, August 22, 2011

Criminals let out on bail responsible for one fifth of burglaries - 22nd Aug 2011

Image; Victim: Garry Newlove's killer was bailed just hours before the father of three was kicked to death.

A fifth of burglaries were committed by criminals let out on bail last year, according to shocking new figures.

Suspects being freed on bail while they await trial are going on to commit an offence nearly every four minutes.

Official figures have revealed that 7,204 of the 36,695 burglaries in England and Wales last year were committed by criminals who could have been locked up.

While almost one in six robberies was carried out by offenders awaiting trial for other crimes.

The so-called bail bandits are responsible for a massive crimewave, with one in every ten crimes detected by police last year being committed by suspects freed by the courts.

Critics of the criminal justice system say the latest figures are further evidence of Britain’s ‘revolving door’ justice policy.

Last year 142,536 of the 1.3 million crimes that resulted in a police ‘caution, reprimand, warning or conviction’, was carried out by suspects already on bail for a separate offence, official figures show.

But the Ministry of Justice admits the true scale of bail crime may be even higher, because police forces are not consistent in the way they record the figures.

The statistics from the Police National Computer show that 11 per cent of the 88,666 offences of violence against the person- which include murders and serious assaults- were committed by a suspect on bail in 2010.

They were also responsible for fifteen per cent of all cases of theft and handling stolen goods, with 35,805 out of 235,157 cases involving a bail suspect.

Offenders on bail were also behind 707 sexual offences and nearly ten per cent of drug offences. Read More