Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chinese general discusses spies, government stays silent: Is China's military system cracking?

China remained quiet Tuesday as a recently leaked video of a Chinese general's candid remarks -- apparently made at a corporate event in March -- on sensitive spying cases continued to draw international attention.

The ministries of defense and foreign affairs have not responded to CNN's inquiries, and numerous phone calls to National Defense University, where the general -- Maj. Gen. Jin Yinan -- teaches, went unanswered. State media made no mention of the story.

In a clip found on YouTube and smaller video-sharing sites, Jin -- with the help of slides -- presented eight major espionage cases. While some cases had been publicized, others had never been revealed or discussed in detail before, especially those involving senior officers of the normally secretive People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Jin talked about Senior Col. Xu Junping, who once directed the American and Oceanic department of the defense ministry's foreign affairs office but defected to the United States in 2000. Jin said Xu was extremely close to China's top military brass. more