Saturday, August 13, 2011

China's mothers crossing to Hong Kong to escape tyrannical rules, bribery, and medical carelessness

Selina Ye is a 34-year-old Human Resources manager in the bustling southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

I went to Hong Kong last September to give birth to my son. I know most people go there to have a second child without paying a heavy fine, but what was important to me was to have a smooth and safe delivery.

I was 33, which is relatively old for a first birth, and my mother had a hard time in labour, so I thought I might have difficulty too.

I decided I wanted a Caesarean birth and I did not want the surgeons to mess it up, or leave anything inside me, because of negligence or because I had not bribed them enough.

Also, Hong Kong residency gives my child a chance to have a better education, better welfare, and better medical care. And much easier access to foreign countries.

When I became three months pregnant, my husband and I went to an agency in the city. I was worried they might already be booked out, because they often advise to book at two months. (more)