Friday, August 26, 2011

Cash strapped Aussie families return to Waltons-era lifestyle

CASH strapped Aussies are beginning to echo TV's depression era family The Waltons, experts say.

A growing number of Australian households have three and even four generations under the same roof due to financial pressures, natural disasters, aged-care limitations, offspring staying at home longer and high childcare costs.

According to futurist Mark McCrindle, by 2020 we will flashback a century and there will be a return to the multi-generational household like the Waltons family, made famous in the smash hit television series of the '70s and '80s.

The award-winning series was set in the time of the Great Depression from 1929 when money was tight. Central character John-Boy lived with his many brothers and sisters, mother and father and grandparents. The world was held spellbound by the values, characters and warmth of this fictional tight-knit family unit. According to McCrindle nearly 1 in 4 people aged 20-34 continue to live in the parental home. more