Friday, August 12, 2011

Bill Brattong former Chief of Los Angeles Police Department taken on as Cameron's adviser - 11th Aug 2011

America's most fearsome policeman has been appointed David Cameron's top adviser on gang warfare.

Bill Bratton, who introduced zero-tolerance policing to New York and turned around crime-ridden Los Angeles, will help ministers draw up plans to tackle gang culture in Britain's cities.

Yesterday the Prime Minister unveiled the first of his plans to tackle gang violence.

He said injunctions which let courts ban gang members from gathering in certain places or at certain times of day, which currently apply only to adults, will be extended to children.

Ministers were planning to roll out a pilot scheme covering 14 to 17-year-olds later this year. Now that will be rushed forward and will cover more parts of the country.

Mr Cameron also announced yesterday that he has set up a review into what can be done to stop gangs. Mr Bratton, 63, will be a major contributor to this review, which will report back in October.

As New York's police commissioner in the 1990s, the 'supercop' introduced a ground-breaking policy under which officers cracked down hard on even the smallest infringements to deter people from carrying out bigger crimes.

This led to major crimes falling 39 per cent, with murders down 50 per cent, during his time in charge.

Another crucial factor was his introduction of sophisticated data analysis techniques. At weekly meetings, officers tracked crime patterns on computers so they could target problem areas. Read More