Friday, August 19, 2011

Bad Boyz Cutz Barbershop shut down after evidence of ritualistic animal sacrifice found in basement - 18th Aug 2011

A barbershop has been closed down after health officials found evidence of ritualistic animal sacrifice in the basement.

Five caged birds and a dead rooster were discovered during a search of the property in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

An altar was also discovered adorned with hacksaws.

Owner William Camacho, 41, insists he doesn’t sacrifice birds at the barber’s, only as part of religious ceremonies held in the countryside.

He says he practices Palo Majobe, an Afro-Caribbean religion similar to Santeria.

Worshippers use seashells to read fortunes and offer up animals as sacrifices to the spirits.

Mr Camacho claimed he was in the process of moving the birds to another location when officials turned up at his shop on Tuesday.

‘These birds are sacred; they’re basically saints,’ he told the Boston Globe. ‘What was I supposed to do while I moved? Take my saints and throw them in a storage unit?’

He said he plans to file a lawsuit against the city for violating his human rights. Read More