Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Dollar Drive / Weekly Announcements -- August 31, 2011 (new posts appear below until midnight)

Hello everyone,

1. August Dollar Drive progress: We are currently under 10% of this month's fundraising goal. If you're able to spare just a dollar, consider donating it to this month's dollar drive. Click on the banner above to donate your dollar, or to find out more information. We'd like to thank every generous person who has contributed so far; we write a personal letter of thanks to every donor.

2. New categories: We've added three new categories, including "Editorials", "Weekly Announcements" and "Photo Galleries". Click on the "Categories" page link up top to find out what these new post categories entail.

3. Why not tell a friend about The Coming Crisis? The more people that know the true news, the better. They might even have an important piece of information of their own to share. Spread the word on your social networks, or simply tell a friend to stop on by.

4. We're looking for a highly confident salesperson to take up a commission-based role within our team. If that's you, send us an email at

Take care,

-- Matt & Lynsey