Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ANOTHER severed foot washes ashore in British Columbia, Canada – totalling a dozen in four years - 31st Aug 2011

Canadian police have a grisly mystery on their hands - over a dozen feet.

Yet another human foot washed ashore in Vancouver on Tuesday, the latest in 12 such cases since 2007.

The limb, which like the others was inside a rubber-soled shoe, was discovered by a passer by in a creek close to the centre of the city.

DNA testing is underway but police are currently at a loss to explain how it got there.

The grim discovery brings to a dozen the number of human feet which have been discovered since 2007, prompting a fresh flurry of speculation as to how they got there.

What seemed initially like a bizarre coincidence has become the subject of a major investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and British Columbia's coroner's office.

Nobody, however, has been able to offer a definite explanation as to what is happening - or identify whom all of the feet belong to.

The latest limb to be found was found floating in the water along the shore of Vancouver's False Creek, which wraps around the downtown area.

Part of leg was still attached, police said. Read More