Tuesday, August 2, 2011

African Union troops, would-be bombers killed in Mogadishu as battles in East Africa continue

Two African Union soldiers and two would-be suicide bombers were killed Monday during a shootout in Mogadishu, an AU force spokesman said.

A firefight erupted between the AU troops and the would-be attackers dressed as government soldiers when they attempted to infiltrate the African forces` frontline in Mogadishu`s Wardhigley district.

African Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) spokesman Paddy Ankunda said the two were "killed before they were able to detonate their suicide vests."

"In an exchange of gunfire with the suicide bombers two AMISOM soldiers were wounded but died later of their injuries," Ankunda said in a statement.

"The extremists are using desperate measures to achieve their ends through their willingness to use brutal violence during the holy month of Ramadan." (more)