Friday, August 19, 2011

ADHD may be on the rise in U.S. kids

The percentage of children diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder or ADHD in the U.S. has increased in the past decade, according to a new report.

The percentage of children who had ever received a diagnosis of ADHD had increased from about 7 per cent in the 1998-2000 period to 9 per cent in 2007-2009, the August issue of the National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief said.

Symptoms of ADHD begin in childhood and include inattention, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity*** that can affect social interaction and learning. The symptoms often persist into adulthood, Dr. Lara Akinbami of the CDC and her co-authors said.

Children who lived in low-income household or those who lived in the South and Midwest showed the highest reported prevalence. (more)

***Also symptoms of children being... children.