Tuesday, August 16, 2011

56 dead as militants ignore Ramadan to target a dozen Iraqi cities in co-ordinated bomb attacks - 16th Aug 2011

Bomb blasts ripped through more than a dozen Iraqi cities yesterday, killing 56 people.

The wave of violence shattered what had been a relatively peaceful holy month of Ramadan.

The co-ordinated morning blasts included car bombs, roadside detonations and a suicide bomber driving a vehicle into a police station.

Baghdad was among the cities targeted but the worst hit was the southern city of Kut where 37 people were killed when a roadside bomb was followed minutes later by a car bomb.

The scope of the violence emphasised the ability of insurgents to carry out attacks despite repeated crackdowns by Iraqi and U.S. forces.

The attacks were the first major act of violence since Iraq’s political leaders announced earlier this month that they would begin negotiations with the United States over whether to keep a small number of American forces in the country after December 31. Read More