Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super winds: Part of Thunder Bay airport roof blows off and crushes cars

Several cars were crushed after part of the metal roof of the main terminal of airport in Thunder Bay, Ont., blew off Wednesday, but there were no injuries, police say.

Sgt. Sharon Komar said debris was scattered over the nearby parking lot.

"Several vehicles were crushed, light standards knocked over as a result, but no one was injured," a police statement said.

Police said the exact cause of the incident was not known, but reports suggested there were high winds in the area.

The full extent of the damage is not yet clear.

According to, high winds from a huge storm surge may have been responsible for tearing the roof off the 17-year-old terminal, leading to the damage of about 18 vehicles. The winds also downed power lines and left up to 6,000 without electricity. (more)