Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scientists warn of UK waters becoming 'jellyfish soup' this summer as pollution and climate change cause population surge - 21st July 2011

Holidaymakers have been warned to be vigilant this Summer as Britain's coastal seas could to be turned into 'jellyfish soup'.

Pollution, over-fishing and climate change are among the theories being used to explain the increase in the stinging creatures, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) said.

The warning comes after the temporary closure of the Torness nuclear power station in Scotland last month when swarms of moon jellyfish blocked its water intake cooling systems.

The MCS is now asking beach-goers to take part in its crowd-sourced survey of jellyfish numbers in the seas to learn more about them.

'There is strong evidence that jellyfish numbers are increasing around the world, including UK seas, and these increases have been linked to factors such as pollution, over-fishing and possibly climate change,' said MCS biodiversity programme manager Peter Richardson.

'We should consider jellyfish populations as important indicators of the state of our seas, and the MCS jellyfish survey helps provide some of the information we need to understand more about them.' Read More