Saturday, July 30, 2011

Samuel Binning the Thug who killed footballer with single punch while high on Meow Meow Jailed for jus 23 Months, but could be out in less than a year

A drunk who killed a promising footballer with a single blow while high on the drug Meow Meow has been jailed for less than two years.

Samuel Binning, 21, knocked talented sportsman Jim Hewlett, 24, to the ground during a drunken brawl outside a kebab shop in Cheddar, Somerset, in the early hours of New Year's Day.

The victim, an innocent bystander in the scuffle, suffered a brain haemorrhage and a court heard he was effectively 'dead before he hit the ground'.

Binning pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for just 23 months although it is possible he could be out of prison in less than a year.

Binning had downed six pints of strong cider and taken a quantity of the illegal stimulant mephedrone - known as Meow Meow - prior to the attack.

Judge Neil Ford QC said he accepted it had been an open-handed shove that had killed Mr Hewlett and not a punch.

He told the defendant: 'I see these tragic circumstances in this court several times every year, always in the context of drink.

'The consequences to Mr Hewlett's family have been truly dreadful.

'I have read very moving victim impact statements from his mother and sister, who have been left truly devastated.

'The sentencing process in this case will provide very little comfort to them. Read More