Monday, July 11, 2011

Passenger bound and gagged and flight diverted after violent clash on United Airlines plane - 10th July 2011

A passenger on a United Airlines flight had to be tied up and gagged and the flight diverted after he refused to come out of the bathroom and then turned violent when confronted by staff.

The United Airlines flight 944 to Frankfurt, Germany, from Chicago was diverted to Cleveland on Friday night after the flight attendant found that the large man had been in the bathroom for almost 30 minutes and refused to come out.

When he eventually did he started screaming at the flight attendants and put one in a headlock before wrestling him to the ground.

That is when some of the passengers on board were asked to help.

Joe Shulfer, of Woodstock, told Newsradio 780: 'The flight attendant just ran up to me and literally grabbed me by the shirt and said, "You need to come with me now".'

By then three men were already wrestling with him and they managed to handcuff him and tie up his feet. Then he started spitting and swearing.

Mr Shulfer said: 'So we duct-taped his mouth shut. He was able to get that off himself. He almost choked himself by swallowing the duct tape.

'Then they secured a surgical mask over his face just to get him to kind of shut up and stop spitting all over everybody.' Read More