Friday, July 15, 2011

Operation Bohemian Grove: Hackers Group Anonymous next Target , the top secret society where 'rulers of the world' meet every summer - 14th July 2011

A notorious group of hackers has called for the infiltration of a top secret elite society as it stages its annual gathering in California.

The Bohemian Grove began its two-week gathering in Monte Rio, California, yesterday, with protesters lining the street outside the exclusive 2,700-acre estate.

Bohemian Grove is part of the San Francisco-based male-only Bohemian Club which includes heads of state, leading business magnates and bank executives among its members.

Conspiracy theorists claim the group is behind financial market manipulation, policy-setting, king making and even occult rituals and debauchery.

It has also been claimed that the group is linked to other secret societies such as the Illuminati and the Council of 300.

Hackers collective Anonymous has called for infiltration of the group and occupation of its secret grounds.

Anonymous has been associated with attacking major corporation and connections to the diplomatic cable leak site WikiLeaks, including Mastercard and Visa.

The majority of members of the Bohemian Club are set to arrive on Saturday, and Anonymous is calling for protesters to step up activities around the estate over the weekend.

The group claims to have 'literally explosive' information on Bohemian Grove and plans to leak it along with material from the Metropolitan Police in London.

Among its membership are said to be Google executive chairman Eric Schimdt, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and House Minority Leader Paul Pelosi. Read More