Monday, July 11, 2011

News of the World is accused of hacking phones of September 11 victims - 11th July 2011

News of the World reporters tried to hack the voicemails of dead 9/11 victims, a former New York policeman claimed last night.

The ex-officer from New York alleged he was contacted by News of the World journalists who said they would pay him to retrieve the private phone records of the dead.

The former cop, who now works as a private investigator, said that reporters wanted British victim’s mobile numbers and details of calls they had made and received in the days before the tragedy.

The voicemails are likely to have included harrowing messages from distraught relatives desperately trying to contact their loved ones in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York in 2001.

'This investigator is used by a lot of journalists in America and he recently told me that he was asked to hack into the 9/11 victims’ private phone data,' a source told the Daily Mirror.

'He said that the journalists asked him to access records showing the calls that had been made to and from the mobile phones belonging to the victims and their ­relatives.

'His presumption was that they wanted the information so they could hack into the ­relevant voicemails, just like it has been shown they have done in the UK. The PI said he had to turn the job down. He knew how insensitive such research would be, and how bad it would look.'

The source said said that the ­journalists were interested in getting the phone records belonging to the British victims of the attacks.

The claims came as the disgraced paper's owner Rupert Murdoch flew into London to take personal charge of the phone-hacking scandal.

He first stopped at News International's headquarters in Wapping, East London, where he arrived in a red Range Rover, a copy of the last edition of the News of the World in his hands. Read More