Saturday, July 30, 2011

N. Korea warns of new nuclear arms race ahead of US talks

North Korea said Wednesday, ahead of landmark talks with the United States, that a US missile defense shield will set off a new nuclear arms race.

The new diplomatic attack on the United States came as the US government said it wanted to see signs in talks due to start on Thursday in New York that North Korea is "serious about moving forward."

But the North's UN envoy said the United States was aiming through its proposed missile defense shield to gain "absolute nuclear superiority and global hegemony over the other nuclear power rivals."

The ambassador, Sin Son Ho, said the shield showed the United States has no "moral justifications" to lecture other countries about proliferation.

"In this current changing world, one can easily understand that this dangerous move will eventually spark a new nuclear arms race," Sin said of the shield which the United States wants to build over eastern Europe. Washington says the shield is aimed at preventing attacks by rogue states such as Iran.

"This shows that the world's largest nuclear weapon state has lost its legal or moral justifications to talk of proliferation issues before international society, on whatever ground," the envoy added. (more)