Friday, July 15, 2011

Libya: The West 'Ignoring Rebel War Crimes'

The regime has insisted the West is turning a blind eye to war crimes committed by rebels - and took Sky News to meet civilians who they say have fled to Tripoli.

We were taken to temporary accommodation on the outskirts of the capital, which used to house Chinese labourers working in the now collapsed construction industry.

The Chinese are long gone - and instead families who have come from the western mountains and the east of the country live here now.

We met sisters Abir and Raja who told us they had brought their sick mother to the capital for fear of persecution.

They said their mother Saida has a serious heart condition - but still wanted to make the drive from Benghazi because the family were in fear of their lives.

Abir says they feared being attacked because they are Gaddafi supporters - she has the Colonel's name tattooed onto her hand. (more)