Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lamar Odom got all the attention as 15 year old Awsaf Islam laying dying in the street...and he could of been saved - 21st July 2011

A teenager knocked off his scooter during a crash in New York could have been saved if onlookers had not been distracted by an NBA star in one of the cars involved.

Awsaf Islam, 15, lay dying in the road in Sunnyside last Thursday as bystanders tried to get autographs and photos from LA Lakers forward Lamar Odom when he got out of one of the cars.

The teenager, from Queens, was riding his scooter when Odom's chauffeur-driven car collided with a motorcyclist - causing the bike to slam into him.

Adolfo Ramirez, 13, who witnessed the crash, told the New York Daily News: 'Everybody was paying attention to him. Nobody cared about the kid.'

Naldo Vasquez, 15, told the newspaper: 'It was messed up. They got excited and were asking to take photos with him.'

The boy was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery, but he died the next day.

Odom, 31, who was in New York to attend his cousin's funeral, was left 'devastated' by the tragedy and witnesses saw him crying at the scene. Read More