Friday, July 22, 2011

King-sized McDonalds to be London Olympics canteen?

The world’s biggest McDonalds is on its way to London. The fast food behemoth will seat 1,500 and take up 3,000 square metres of the Olympic village, selling a whopping 1.75 million meals to greedy customers. The planet’s greatest athletes will huff, puff and sweat under that unmistakable fume of chip grease. Fitting, eh?

You won’t be surprised to hear that the plan hasn’t been embraced with open arms. The boxer Amir Khan says it’s a mistake and sends out the wrong message to children. The reaction on Twitter is one of disgust, with talk about “leaving a legacy of heart disease in London’s East End” and lots of ” F— Offs!”.

To this I say balderdash. Look at the alternatives: Nando’s and its forlorn chicken enlivened only by lashings of Peri Peri; Subway and its smell that induces vomit from a mile away; KFC, nothing but a posh Chicken Cottage, Pizza Hut and its blobs of lazy carbs; and “Spudulike”, a world-class embarrassment for Britain. In an ideal world we’d feed our international guests with delicious, nutritious food from independent producers such as Pieminister, Manicomio, clever pop-ups or our beloved Mark Hix, but that would clearly be impossible.

Of course it is right to educate people, and children in particular, about the importance of eating well (if they need it – nanny has got out of control in recent years). But no one’s going to keel over and die from eating one cheeseburger after a day at the rowing. (more)