Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Killer Economy Prolonged by Domestic Violence, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy

A new Spanish radio program warns of domestic violence and other unconscious acts influenced by the bad economy. It also exposes the dangers of debt consolidation and bankruptcy, helping consumers and businesses to recognize a better path to debt elimination.

Debt Free League subsidiary, Libre de Deudas exposes dangers over the alarming tension on financial hardships. Their message to Christian families, How to Become Debt Free without Bankruptcy, on Radio Nueva Vida, helps to prevent mental and financial collapse.

It responds to a series of extreme acts and tragedies including homicides, suicides, and intentional fires, exposed in the San Diego local news.

Recently, where Libre de Deudas is located in Chula Vista, financial desperation pushed a father to murder his two children at gunshot, burn down his house, and murder himself. In the same city, another man shot and killed his live-in partner and her two daughters, also killing himself. In City Heights, a father drowned his two daughters and his wife before also drowning himself. And in Santee, a victim of unemployment, who applied for bankruptcy on June 30, shot his wife to death, burned his home, and later killed himself. (more)