Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John of "Truthtellerradio" lives! *the people cheer uproariously*

To all those who have been concerned with the sudden disappearance of JohnJdeHart68 / Truthtellerradio, he's contacted us at The Coming Crisis and has given the following details:

1) He's fine. His family is fine.

2) Threats serious enough to make him pull his Youtube channels (including something going on by his home) is the reason for his sudden disappearance. It wasn't fear of what he was posting, but for the safety of his family that he did so, and he wanted everyone to know that.

3) He's creating a new, more secure Youtube channel and will protect his identity, and will resume his tireless work in researching and spreading the truth. He says he will never stop spreading the message of justice and truth, regardless of those arrayed against him (Hear, hear!). He will reveal the new channel to The Coming Crisis (hopefully by this weekend) and we'll post it.

4) He loves you all, and asks God to bless you all (as those who have watched his videos before surely know), and promises to be back out in "full force" soon.

We're all looking forward to your return, John! We need every soldier we can get.

-- Matt & Lynsey