Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jellyfish swarm attacks 2000 beach-goers over holiday weekend in Florida - 5th July 2011

Almost 2,000 beach-goers were stung in a mass jellyfish attack over America's big holiday weekend.

Crowds of swimmers suffered painful stings after being hit buy the sea creatures as they celebrated Independence Day weekend in the surf at Volusia County, Florida.

Beach Patrol spokeswoman Captain Tamara Marris reported the staggering statistics but stressed that no victims were seriously injured.

Amid soaring temperatures in the sunshine state, Jellyfish targeted sun-seekers along a 20-mile stretch from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach.

The influx was thought to be down to onshore winds bringing more jellyfish into contact with bathers.

Beach officials identified two species as the culprits - moon and cannonball jellyfish - but say moon jellyfish are likely to be the main culprits.

'The cannonball jellyfish is not really a stinging jellyfish,' Marris said.

'It's really not a seasonal thing.

'They are just at the mercy of the wind and current, so they can show up any time of the year.' Source