Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iraq is MORE dangerous now than a year ago after resurgence in violence by Shi'ite militias - 30th July 2011

Iraq is more dangerous than it was just a year ago, after a surge in bombings, assassinations and violence by Shi'ite militias, according to a report released today.

In his quarterly review to Congress, a top government adviser accused the U.S. military of glossing over the issue, just months before soldiers are due to leave the country. Font size

The findings come during a 'summer of uncertainty' in Baghdad over whether American forces will stay past a year-end withdrawal deadline and continue military aid for the unstable nation.

The review follows the bloodiest month for the U.S. military in two years, after 15 soldiers died in June.

U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr, who wrote the report, concluded by saying: 'Iraq remains an extraordinarily dangerous place to work.' Read More