Friday, July 22, 2011

Gran in a drunken stupor and parents in the pub: Toddler drowned in pond after neglect... but all avoid jail term - 22nd July 2011

The parents and grandmother of a toddler found dead in a garden pond have avoided a prison sentence despite admitting child neglect.

Parents Charlotte Rees-Smith and Andrew Marshall, and grandmother Hilary Rees were given derisory suspended jail terms because of their 'heavy burden' of guilt over the death of two-year-old Daniel Rees-Smith.

The toddler was found by his mother, 20, and father, 22, when they came home from the pub while his alcoholic grandmother, 44, slept on a sofa in a 'drunken stupor'.

Mrs Rees told police 'It's my fault - I have killed my grandson. I was meant to be looking after him' when they arrived at the house and was found to be three-times the drink-drive limit.

She had consumed a cocktail of cider and anti-depressants before dropping off at her home which was littered with dog and cat faeces

After admitting to neglect Judge David Maddison handed the trio suspended prison sentences because of the 'heavy burden' they had to bear.

He said: 'During that period, you Charlotte Rees-Smith, Daniel's mum, allowed him to be looked after by your own mother - knowing that she would often be doing so in conditions of considerable squalor and when she had often been incapable of looking after him properly because of the amount of alcohol she had taken.

'That is what did happen. You (Rees) fell asleep in a condition which could be described as a stupor.

'It was a wholly inadequate was of looking after a child. You two (Rees and Rees-Smith) should be deeply ashamed of your behaviour. Read More