Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fugitive foreign killers use your money to avoid being deported all because of the seriously flawed 'Human Rights Act'- 10th July 2011

Fugitive foreign killers sheltering in Britain are costing taxpayers millions by exploiting human rights legislation to escape deportation.

A Mail on Sunday investigation found that an Albanian man has yet to be returned to his homeland where he faces a 26-year prison sentence for murder – despite being ordered out of the UK by the Home Secretary four years ago.

In a tactic employed with growing frequency, Vullnett Mucelli’s lawyers are using Article 6 of the Human Rights Act to argue that he would not be guaranteed a retrial if sent back.

The 40-year-old killer, who was on Interpol’s Most Wanted list for five years before his arrest in 2007, was tried and convicted in absentia after he fled Albania on a false passport.

Although the Home Office has no figures on how many violent immig¬rant fugitives are in the UK fighting extradition, a senior police source said there are ‘dozens of unresolved cases’ and estimated that the cost of ongoing legal battles and housing prisoners ‘runs into millions’.

The revelation about Mucelli comes amid mounting concern that failed asylum seekers who commit crimes in this country are using another key element of the Human Rights Act – Article 8, which protects family rights – to avoid being kicked out.

Judges have been condemned for widening the definition of what constitutes family life, a trend highlighted in a case in which a Bolivian immigrant escaped deportation because he owned a cat with his girlfriend.

Mucelli blasted a man to death with a sub-machine gun during a dispute about some gold coins in a Tirana flat 14 years ago. Neighbours heard gun shots and saw Mucelli walk out of the building and put the weapon into a sports bag. Read More