Friday, July 22, 2011

Explosion In Centre Of Norwegian Capital Oslo - 22nd July 2011

An explosion in Oslo has blown out most of the windows of a 17-storey building in the centre of the capital.

Early reports suggested it happened at a government building which contains the offices of the Prime Minister.

It is also thought to house Norway's biggest tabloid newspaper.

A witness reported that as many as eight people had been hurt.

Journalist Asgeir Ueland said that Oslo is a popular destination for people from other parts of Norway.

He said the streets were crowded: "It happened when people were packing up for the weekend and leaving their offices.

"There were lots of people with blood on their faces and severe cuts."

Craig Barnes is in Oslo and said that he is shocked at what has happened.

"It is a very nice, safe place to live.

"Norwegians are very friendly and I think everyone gets on.

"I think this is going to change a lot of views now. There will be questions regarding safety."

Nearby offices in the Norwegian capital have been evacuated.

Large amounts of glass and metal have been seen in the street. Read More